So why is an organization that provides active threat consulting to major corporations (Rite Aid, Toyota, CarMax, Google, REI, to name a few), defensive tactics training to over a thousand U.S. law enforcement agencies, and self-defense training to men, women and children around the globe partnering with a company that manufactures a surface and hand disinfectant?

Allow us to explain…

The Force Training Institute (FTI) began as a company in 2011 specifically to address the sensitive topic of active shooter mitigation.  The FTI Team is comprised of a diverse and highly experienced group of subject matter experts with law enforcement, military, legal, corporate, and risk management backgrounds.  In the years since, FTI has broadened its scope to include executive protection, site assessments, policy analysis, and the distribution of a unique ballistic shield used by law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.

FTI’s mission is to improve and save lives.

FTI’s sister company, Krav Maga Maga Worldwide (KMW), was founded in 1997 to promote practical self-defense training around the world.  KMW has over 150 licensed training centers in the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Europe, and South America.  KMW also certifies law enforcement and military trainers at over 1,000 U.S. law enforcement agencies and hundreds of U.S. military units.  The founders of FTI are also actively involved with KMW.  In fact, one of FTI’s founders is the CEO and co-founder of KMW. 

KMW’s mission is to empower every person with real skills to be safe and strong.

Connecting the dots...

Both FTI and KMW are committed to helping protect people against threats.  Until now, that threat has always been from an unarmed or armed person - one that you can see.  Well, that changed in March 2020.  Now the world is dealing with a threat you can’t see - COVID-19.  The threat of viruses and bacteria have always been there, but just not as obvious, prolific, and dangerous as it is today.  But, our mission to protect people is unwaivered...we just have to add a new tool to our arsenal.

Cleanliness and a safe environment has always been at top priority at the KMW training facilities, including the Los Angeles HQ Training Centers, which total over 20,000 square feet and trains over 3,000 members.  KMW’s co-founder has been on a constant search for a product that kills germs on the mats, equipment and common areas, but at the same time is safe for employees, instructors and members, not to mention low cost (he’s a bit frugal), and super simple to use. 

Then, about two years ago...

He was introduced by a mutual friend (actually, his sister-in-law) to Lisa Chang and Dr. Roger Chang, the creators of GTech.  Their story is compelling. They didn’t develop a product to dominate the disinfectant market, rather they spent years formulating an antimicrobial spray to protect their three children!  You see, all three children are active in sports, and when they used the available disinfectants to sanitize and deodorize their gear, their kids broke out with skin rashes. To find out why, Lisa started to investigate what these products contain, and what she found was appalling - ammonia, bleach, alcohol, and a host of other harmful chemicals too difficult to pronounce.  Rather than writing a bunch of social media posts to express their anger and frustration, the Changs took another approach - they hired renowned chemists and created a disinfectant that is safe, simple to use, quick to apply, long lasting, and affordable.  Then, they spent another couple of years to get EPA approval.  Definitely Parents of The Year material!  Shortly after that fateful meeting, the GTech products became a staple at the KMW training centers.

Now, fast forward to present day.  March 2020...

Soon after COVID-19 hit the U.S., a call was made to the Changs by the FTI and KMW Team, “Does your product kill human coronavirus?”  The answer was a relief, “Yes, it always has, in addition to a long list of other viruses and bacteria, plus fungi.”  And then the next question, which led to where we are today: “How can we support you to get GTech out to the community?  Everybody needs this!”

FTI introduced GTech to its network and it was immediately adopted by first responder agencies from coast to coast.  Helping to protect those that protect and serve is our top priority, but supporting all organizations that place a high value on creating a safe working environment to protect their people and their families speaks to the heart of our mission.

Today, distributing the GTech products under the GTech Protection division of FTI to first responder agencies and companies throughout the United States, is just one more way we are improving and saving lives.