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5 Tips for disinfecting and protecting against viruses and bacteria.

5 Tips for disinfecting and protecting against viruses and bacteria.


Five tips for disinfecting and protecting against viruses like COVID-19

2020 has ushered in a new era of awareness regarding disinfecting and cleaning. This applies to people themselves and any space that people are occupying. The rise of the COVID 19 pandemic has made everyone hyperaware of keeping themselves safe and what businesses are doing to protect people who are frequenting them.

COVID 19 has basically forced a widespread recognition of what exactly pandemic and, possibly even worse, epidemic spread of pathogens can do. This is because humans have no immunity to COVID 19 and thus there was no known methods for treating it or curing it. What this boils down to is the fear that medical facilities like hospitals and emergency rooms will be overrun with patients and unable to treat anyone as the numbers of infected individuals multiply faster than any patients can be given any sort of treatment for stabilization.

That’s ultimately why lockdown regulations are put in place by governments. The concept of “flattening the curve” so that cases of infected persons basically flow into medical facilities at a manageable pace instead of a huge wave. If you limit contact between people in the midst of a pandemic, the rate of the spread of disease will, theoretically be slowed down.

 five tips for disinfecting and protecting against viruses like COVID-19 how to flatten the curve.

There are five categories of pathogens; viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and worms. All of these pathogens act differently and can spread disease in different ways. COVID 19 is, obviously, a virus and it is made up of proteins. COVID 19 is particularly problematic because it’s chemical makeup allows it to live on surfaces for longer than some others and thus be transmitted much more easily. A weaker virus protein basically dies faster on surfaces before it is picked up by someone else who touches or comes in contact with the same surface…but not COVID 19. This chemical trait and the ease with which COVID 19 is spread through aerosol droplets of infected people have increased the focus on prevention, which has lead to the introduction of masks, social distancing, continued lockdown conditions for many population dense regions, and more changes in our lives that we are all adapting to. 

five tips for disinfecting and protecting against viruses like COVID-19 with the GTech line of products

GTech products offer the best protection against pathogens and can be a very valuable part of anyone’s personal and business related disinfecting and protecting protocols. In terms of personal protection, and how using GTech products can benefit you, let’s take a look at five very easy tips to consider in how you protect yourself from exposure, keep yourself and your family safe, and ultimately help flatten the curve and contribute to our recovery from the pandemic as a whole. 


Don’t Inject Disinfectant.

 injecting disinfectant quote Donald Trump

Back in April the President of the United States alluded to the idea that there would be some official research into the benefits of injecting disinfectant directly into the body and or treating people with UV light as a means of protecting against COVID 19. You can see/hear the quote here:

Whatever the reasoning for saying this was at the time (there’s no political slant here so we aren’t going to mock or defend the quote) doesn’t matter. The bottom line is don’t inject disinfectant into your body. It’s dangerous. It’ll make you sick. It might just kill you. Surface disinfectants are just that, disinfectant chemicals made to kill pathogens on surfaces. Injecting disinfectant is entirely the wrong use for the product in the same way that you wouldn’t drink rubbing alcohol to sterilize your skin. Any medical professional will tell you that you should absolutely not inject disinfectant nor should you consider that injecting disinfectant will somehow offer you protection from COVID 19 or any other dangerous pathogens like bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and worms. Don’t inject disinfectant. 


A much better option is to do a little planning each and every day before you go about your routine. Whether you live in an area that is still under lockdown restrictions or not, consider where you are going that day, how many people you are going to be in contact with and how many surfaces you and your family might actually have to touch while you are out. 

 five tips for disinfecting and protecting against COVID-19 and other viruses making a plan for your day is key.

If, for example, your daily routine is going to take you to the gym and the grocery store, have a plan for limiting your exposure to high-frequency touch points and to other people. A great way to augment your safety and to help your plan in this regard is to carry GTech Armour with you wherever you go. GTech Armour is an all natural hand sanitizer that is formulated to kill 99.99% of germs on contact and leave a barrier of protection on skin that lasts for hours. It is also formulated with skin moisturizers that won’t damage your skin like alcohol based hand sanitizers do. Listen to what Dr. Roger Chang has to say about GTech Armour and it’s benefits over alcohol based hand sanitizers.

GTech Armour comes in convenient sized bottles that can be easily carried and GTech Armour can be used as a surface disinfectant. In the event that you have to touch something or come into contact with a surface that you didn’t plan on touching, and you aren’t certain if it is fully disinfected or sanitized, use GTech Armour on it to make sure you are protected. You can buy GTech Armour hand sanitizer and GTech Clean disinfectant spray online here. Our products are all natural, safe, easy to use. Do not consider a homemade disinfectant spray or diy disinfectant spray for your daily needs. 

five tips for disinfecting and protecting against COVID-19 and other viruses GTech Armour makes a great surface disinfectant

Handles, buttons, and railings. 

When you are planning and thinking about the types of high-frequency community touch points that you might encounter during the day you have to think about handles, buttons, and railings. These things are so ubiquitous that we often don’t realize we have touched them until after the fact. The most ubiquitous high-frequency community touch points that we encounter on a daily basis are handles, buttons, and railings. 

five tips for disinfecting and protecting against COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria be aware of handles buttons and railings.

Make sure you are using a trusted and tested product like GTech Clean, not a homemade disinfectant spray or diy disinfectant spray, to regularly disinfect all of the handles, buttons, and railings in your home. The interior door handles and exterior door handles should be disinfected on a regular basis. Things like remote control buttons, hand rails on stairs in your home, handles on windows, video game consoles and controllers, keyboards, etc should also be cleaned on a regular basis. GTech Clean makes this easy. Using GTech Clean and a ULV fogger/sprayer you can disinfect an entire room in minutes. Glass cleaner like Windex disinfectant spray or Lysol disinfectant spray can be used on some surfaces however, similar to alcohol based hand sanitizers, the disinfection they provide is short lived. Windex disinfectant spray is ammonia based. Once it dries up the protection is gone. GTech Clean is not a homemade disinfectant spray or diy disinfectant spray, it is formulated to kill viruses on contact and to leave a microscopic barrier of protection that lasts for up to 7 days. 

Be aware of handles, buttons, and railings when you are outside your home and keep your home protected by using GTech Clean per our suggested cleaning protocols. 

Clothing, masks, mobile phones

five tips for disinfecting and protecting against COVID-19 and other viruses make sure you are disinfecting and protecting your mask or face covering

Masks and face coverings are now a normal sight out in public. It’s one of the things we’ve basically gotten used to because of lockdown conditions. A very effective method of slowing the spread of COVID 19 is the widespread use of masks and face coverings. Keeping your own face covering safe should be a point of emphasis for you and your family. Think about it, if you go out with a clean face covering or mask, how long does it stay clean and sanitized? If you are touching things like handles, buttons, and railings, then touching your mask, your protection might be compromised. You could bring several masks with you when you are out but again contact with high-frequency community touch-points and your mask are going to lead to some sort of lesser degree of personal protection. Your mask and face covering are another item that should be disinfected and protected with GTech Armour and/or GTech Clean simply because of the long-lasting barrier of protection that our products offer. This is more effective than relying on disinfectant wipes or free supplies of hand sanitizer while you are out in public. In fact, you can use GTech Clean and GTech Armour on all of your clothes to not only kill any pathogens that might be on them but again, provide them and yourself with long-lasting protection. First Responders in the field trust GTech products to disinfect and protect their uniforms and equipment and you can trust GTech products, too. 

five tips for disinfecting and protecting against COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria make sure you are disinfecting your phone frequently.

How often are you touching your phone after touching something else, be it your own face covering, a handle, button, or railing. Phones are another ever-present part of our lives that we rely on so much we forget almost forget that we are doing things involving our phone. Make sure your phone is always disinfected and protected…wherever you go, whatever you are doing. Spraying your phone with GTech Clean or GTech Armour is more effective than alcohol based disinfectants. 

GTech Products 

 five tips for disinfecting and protecting against COVID-19 and other viruses make sure to use GTech Products for your home or business.

The GTech line of products ranges from disinfectant spray to hand sanitizer to disinfectant foggers and sprayers and sensor operated hand sanitizer dispensers. GTech products were created by parents who wanted a better way to disinfect and provide long-lasting protection against viruses and bacteria for their children. GTech Clean is EPA approved to kill SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). It’s simple to use, it’s fast, it lasts for up to 7 days. It is the perfect solution for protecting your home against pathogens and can be considered a complete home disinfectant spray. If you are a business owner, it’s the best solution for making sure you are protecting your space and the people who are in it. It is the best disinfectant for your business and it eliminates the need for expensive outside cleaning services.  

GTech Armour kills germs on contact, keeps killing for hours, and works to actually protect and nourish your skin. Think about what Dr. Chang said in the video above. Alcohol based hand sanitizers actually dry and crack your skin making you more susceptible to the transmission of disease. GTech Armour does just the opposite, and it has more germ killing power that sanitizing wipes, alcohol based hand sanitizers, diy sanitizers, or any home recipe disinfectant. 

Check out the great line of GTech products here on our site and get 5% off your entire order at checkout when you use the coupon code GTECHVIP. 

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