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Coronavirus variants and disinfecting

Coronavirus variants and disinfecting


the best disinfectant spray for killing Omicron

The surprising speed at which the recent Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) has swept through the population of the U.S. and the world has really reset the bar in terms of thinking about staying protected. It seems that the Delta variant was merely a preamble to what could be the “next worst” thing in the ongoing pandemic and that the Omicron variant has taken things to a new level. The only relatively good thing about Omicron is that the world is seeing fewer hospitalizations and the threat to a strain and overload on hospitals and emergency rooms is slightly lower. There are steps that we can all take, and should all be taking, to ensure that we stay safe from the virus and that we keep others safe. 

the best disinfectant spray for fighting COVID variants

SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) is a virus and a virus is a pathogen. A pathogen is an organism that causes a disease. In addition to viruses, pathogens include bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and parasitic worms. Pathogen transmission can occur in many different ways and sometimes the process or means of transmission is unique to a specific pathogen. What we’ve come to learn is that the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) is easily transmitted from one person to another by close contact, by particles in the air, or by contact on surfaces that aren’t disinfected. These surfaces can be called “high frequency community touchpoints”, or surfaces that different people frequently touch. Ultimately SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) is not a very strong virus in and of itself, it can be destroyed relatively easily but the speed at which people can contract the virus makes it very tricky and dangerous. 

all natural disinfectant spray and ULV fogger

Coronavirus is it’s own pathogen and what we are seeing in SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and it’s variants like Delta and Omicron is mutation of the virus. It’s an organism so it basically evolves and looks for ways to survive. GTech Clean is EPA approved and kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on contact. That includes all Coronavirus like SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and it’s variants. GTech Clean is also specially formulated to leave a microscopic layer of protection on any surface that it is applied to and this layer of protection continues to cill viruses and bacteria for up to 7 days. 

disinfectant that lasts a long time

You can have the very best protection against Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and it’s variants by using GTech Clean as your go-to disinfectant spray. GTech Clean is all natural, it’s non flammable, it contains no alcohol, no bleach and no VoC’s, and it’s designed to give long-lasting protection. If you think about cleaning and disinfecting with other disinfectant sprays that are alcohol based or heavily based on other chemicals, their disinfecting power mostly comes from the initial contact with whatever surface they are applied to. Once the alcohol dries up, the disinfecting power is gone and there is no more protection. That’s not the case with GTech Clean. 

the best disinfectant for your family

This is important because of the increased urgency for developing and maintaining regular disinfecting and cleaning procedures in the home and business and other personal spaces like a vehicle, or even clothing. By now you probably have some sort of regular disinfecting and cleaning plan in your home and at work. If you don’t, you should. Taking the time to have a plan about disinfecting is the only way to make sure that you are being consistent. GTech Clean is the best disinfectant spray to use for this sort of cleaning protocol because it’s long lasting protection also means that you can spend less time cleaning and less money on cleaning supplies. That equals efficiency. 

GTech Clean is incredibly simple to use. It is applied by spraying it on surfaces and letting it dry. That’s all. It can also be sprayed onto a surface and then distributed around that surface with a paper towel, cloth, cloth mop, etc. Distributing GTech Clean on a surface with a mop or paper towel isn’t doesn’t mean rubbing or scrubbing to drying out the disinfectant spray, the idea is to give the surface a good coating. When you consider GTech’s long lasting power and ease of use, it’s clear to see that GTech Clean is the best disinfectant spray. 



Efficiency, power, and simplicity all go hand in hand when you use GTech Clean. However GTech Clean is really the best disinfectant spray because, when applied using our recommended protocols and a ULV fogger like the NuPower Trigger Control Sprayer, you can disinfect a 1000sq ft room in minutes. GTech Clean comes ready to use in bulk disinfectant size 5 gallon containers, there’s no complicated diluting process involved. This keeps product costs low because using GTech Clean and disinfectant fogger or sprayer to disinfect large spaces, like a 1000sq ft room, can cost less than a dollar per application. Using GTech Clean and a disinfectant fogger or sprayer to disinfect a vehicle can cost even less, and provide the best protection against viruses and bacteria including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

bulk disinfectant spray

In addition to having a plan for regularly disinfecting your home or workplace, it’s important to start paying more attention to the high frequency community touch points that you come in to contact with every day. Awareness and planning will help you stay safe from SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and it’s variants. Don’t touch things like door handles, elevator buttons, railings, desktops, etc if you aren’t certain that they have been disinfected. An addition layer of protection can come from GTech Armour hand sanitizer. 

the best hand sanitizer for frequent use

GTech Armour is made with a formula that is similar to GTech Clean. GTech Armour’s all natural, skin protecting, formula is the best hand sanitizer for frequent use because it strengthens skin and it kills 99.99% of germs on contact. Once applied, GTech Armour also leaves a microscopic layer of protection on skin, which continues to kill viruses and bacteria for hours. GTech Armour is the best hand sanitizer because it provides long-lasting protection, not just germ killing power on contact. Even better, GTech Armour comes in various sized containers that are easy to carry in a purse, gym bag, or backpack and it can be used as a surface disinfectant while you are on the go. If you do come across some sort of high frequency community touchpoint and you aren’t certain that it’s been disinfected, you can use GTech Armour on that surface to kill 99.99% of germs that might be on it. 

the best way to stay safe from COVID

The GTech line of products can give you the best protection against the transmission of viruses and bacteria on high frequency community touch points but you have to take some steps in terms of planning and awareness in order to make sure you are staying completely disinfected and protected. Another line of defense against the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and it’s variants is to get a vaccine and a booster. The vaccine has sparked all sorts of controversy especially since we are seeing “breakthrough cases” of people contracting COVID-19 even though they’ve been vaccinated. Though it’s still possible to contract COVID-19 after being vaccinated the severity of the symptoms in vaccinated people is much less and, overall, there’s a much smaller chance of being hospitalized. Keep in mind that the strain on hospitals and emergency rooms and the threat of overloading those services is really the key factor in determining levels of COVID related restrictions and lockdowns.

The GTech line of products will help keep you safe. They are the most powerful, the safest, the simplest disinfecting and hand sanitizing products you can get. Take the steps to keep yourself, your family, your business, employees, coworkers etc. safe by planning consistent disinfection with GTech products and by being aware of the risks for pathogen transmission whenever you go. 


Check out the entire line of GTech Products by clicking here. Get the best disinfectant spray. Get the best hand sanitizer for everyday use. Get the best disinfectant foggers and sprayers right here! Use the coupon code GTECHVIP at checkout to save an additional 5% off of your entire order!


Professional Cleaning Power In Your Hands.

Professional Cleaning Power In Your Hands.


the best disinfectant spray for your home

The most powerful disinfectant spray and the most powerful and effective disinfecting protocols don’t have to come from a professional cleaning service. There’s no doubt that now more than ever, cleaning and disinfecting have taken on a new level of importance for everyone. The daily routines of most people at home and in their professional lives involve more time being aware of the spread of pathogens and taking measures to prevent that spread. From wearing masks and face coverings to frequent use of hand sanitizer, disinfecting and protecting against viruses and bacteria is the norm. 

When we think about the most powerful disinfecting and protecting against pathogens like SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), there is a certain level of respect and maybe even awe for terms like “hospital grade”, “industrial grade”, or “professional grade” disinfection. In a way it seems like these sorts of disinfecting and protecting protocols and products are on a different level than what everyday people can achieve. That’s wrong, though. Really, the most effective disinfection  and complete protection against dangerous viruses and bacteria comes from having quality products and consistency in cleaning protocols, procedures, and routines. 

professional cleaning power

You don’t have to spend a lot of money every month to have a professional cleaning service come to your home or come to your business or workplace to clean and disinfect. If you think about it, these companies aren’t doing anything that you can’t do. It comes down to having the right equipment, like a ULV fogger or disinfectant sprayer, and the right products, like GTech Clean and GTech Armour. With the GTech Line of products and the right plan, you can get hospital grade disinfection in your own home or at your workplace, every time.

Using the GTech line of products is the best way to disinfect and protect your home against viruses and bacteria.

protect your home against viruses and bacteria

Disinfecting and cleaning at home should be a priority for everyone in order to maintain the best level of disinfecting against viruses and bacteria and to help prevent the spread of pathogens both inside your home and when you and your family go out. In your home you should be able to maintain the disinfecting and sanitizing of high frequency community touch points like door knobs, handles, buttons, remotes, countertops, computers, etc. Realistically, you and your family are the community who is touching these points so, in contrast to being out and about, there should be a baseline level of disinfection. 

This can be maintained and kept at the level of “professional grade disinfection” with GTech Clean, GTech Armour, and equipment like disinfectant foggers and disinfectant sprayers which are also part of the GTech line of products. 

disinfectant fogger and the best disinfectant spray

GTech Clean is the best disinfectant spray you can buy for protecting against viruses and bacteria in your home and for giving your family a level of disinfection that is the same as hospital grade disinfection. To understand why, it’s important to take a look at where GTech Clean comes from. GTech Clean was invented by two parents who wanted to provide the best disinfection against viruses and bacteria for their children but were having difficulty finding the right product because of their children’s allergies. A few years later they invented GTech Clean.

GTech Clean is an all natural disinfectant spray that is specially formulated to kill 99.9% of viruses and and bacteria on contact, including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). GTech Clean is specially formulated to leave a microscopic layer of protection on any surface that it is applied to. This layer of protection continues to kill viruses and bacteria for up to 7 days after it is applied. Even better, GTech Clean’s special formula contains no alcohol, no VoC’s, and it is hypoallergenic so it won’t cause any skin irritations if it touches skin or is applied to clothing. This makes GTech Clean safe to use on any hard or soft surface in your home. 

professional cleaning power

Making GTech Clean your go to disinfectant spray will also save you time and money, especially when you follow our recommended cleaning protocols and use GTech Clean with a disinfectant fogger or disinfectant sprayer like the nuPower Compact Trigger Sprayer. This ULV fogger is the same sort of equipment used by professional cleaning services. The nuPower Compact Trigger Sprayer is a disinfectant sprayer that is simple to use and incorporating it into your regular cleaning routine will not only maximize your efficiency but because GTech Clean is the most powerful and best disinfectant spray you can buy, it will increase the overall level of protection against viruses and bacteria that you are providing for yourself and your family. One application of GTech Clean using a disinfectant fogger or disinfectant sprayer like the nuPower Compact Trigger Sprayer can last up to 7 days. 

If your family is using tons of hand sanitizer on a daily basis, then GTech Armour should be in your home. GTech Armour is the best hand sanitizer for frequent use. GTech Armour is made with a special, all natural, formula like GTech Clean. GTech Armour kills 99.99% of germs on contact and, like GTech Clean, it’s safe to use on any surface leaves a layer of protection on any surface it’s applied to for hours. What makes GTech Armour standout however is that it is specially formulated with skin moisturizers that actually help to heal and further protect skin. If you are using alcohol based hand sanitizers frequently, you are actually drying and damaging your skin with every use. Alcohol based hand sanitizers cause drying and cracking of skin, which makes you more susceptible to viruses and bacteria. GTech Armour heals those little cracks and keeps your skin healthy, giving you better resistance to viruses and bacteria. 

GTech Clean and Gtech Armour come ready to use and require no complicated diluting process so it’s easy to make them the mainstay of your home cleaning and disinfecting routine. Disinfect your entire home once a week with GTech Clean and a disinfectant fogger and sprayer in just a few minutes. Keep GTech Armour in your home, in your bag or backpack, in your car, etc, and you’ll have the best protection against viruses and bacteria for your skin as well as a powerful and effective surface disinfectant for use when on the go. 

hand sanitizer that won't dry or crack skin


Gtech Products for any industry or workplace.

 The GTech line of products isn’t just the best way to keep your home protected against viruses and bacteria like SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), it’s the best way to keep any business or workplace protected as well. In contrast to your home, the high frequency community touch points that you encounter at work are not being contacted by a controlled community. These are true high frequency community touch points that could be buttons, countertops, handles, knobs, etc. Maintaining high levels of disinfection and protection in the workplace, or at your own business, is incredibly important because of the frequency and variety of exposure that these touchpoints are subject to. It might seem like this is a daunting, overwhelming, job that would require a professional service of some sorts…but again, it comes down to quality products, equipment, and consistently with protocols when planning to disinfect and protect the workplace against viruses and bacteria. 


The GTech line of products is trusted by First Responders like police officers, firefighters, and EMT’s because of its quality, power, safety, and effectiveness. First Responders are subject to an even greater variety and frequency of exposure to contact with other people and high frequency community touchpoints than most people in the private sector. Police officers, firefighters, and EMT’s in the field regularly disinfect and protect their vehicles and their equipment with with GTech Clean because it kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on contact and continues to kill viruses and bacteria for up to 7 days after it’s initial application. Many of these organizations also use GTech Clean, along with a disinfectant fogger or disinfectant sprayer, to disinfect high traffic areas of the buildings in which they operate. 

bulk disinfectant spray

GTech Clean is the best disinfectant spray for any business. GTech Clean is trusted by gyms, restaurants, retail locations, service providers like hairstylists and barbers, even medical and dental offices. GTech Clean, when used with a disinfectant fogger or disinfectant sprayer, can disinfect and protect a 1000sq ft room in minutes. The fact that GTech Clean can be purchased in bulk, like our convenient five gallon and one gallon containers, and that it comes ready to use with no complicated dilution process, makes it the best choice for any business based on simplicity and efficiency. Check out our recommended cleaning protocols to see just how easy it is to use GTech Clean and a disinfectant fogger or disinfectant sprayer for your business. 

automatic hand sanitizer dispenser

GTech Armour is the best disinfectant for your skin and making GTech Armour accessible in the workplace is easy. GTech Armour comes in several convenient sizes and it’s also available in an automatic touchless refillable UV dispenser. Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are the best way to cut down on high frequency community touch point exposure while also providing the best hand sanitizer for frequent use. GTech Armour’s long lasting protection and it’s special formula, which is designed to heal and protect skin, is an added value for your workplace. It’a also a great way to ensure that anyone on your team, or your staff, has access to the best hand sanitizer for frequent use. That will help cut down on their exposure to viruses and bacteria and help keep them protected. 

the best disinfecting products for home or office

It’s not a professional cleaning service that makes the difference in keeping your home or workplace protected against viruses and bacteria like SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Its quality products, the right equipment, and consistency in cleaning procedures and protocols. The GTech line of products puts the power of a professional cleaning service in your hands because all of our products and equipment are effective, safe to use, simple to use, long lasting, and cost efficient. 

Check out the full line of GTech Products by clicking here. Order today and receive and additional 5% off of your entire order with the coupon code GTECHVIP at checkout. 



Useful accessories for maintaining disinfection.

Useful accessories for maintaining disinfection.
That’s where a handy gadget like a “germ key” can help. A germ key is a metal tool that is designed to push, pull, twist, and grab things that you don’t want to make contact with. It’s like a Swiss Army knife that is specially designed so you don’t have to touch stuff. 

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