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Protect against viruses and bacteria while traveling

Protect against viruses and bacteria while traveling


protect against viruses and bacteria while traveling

For most people, disinfecting at home and ensuring protection against viruses and bacteria has become a priority. It’s a super important element of keeping safe from SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) as well as keeping safe from a wide range of pathogens, viruses, and bacteria. Keeping your home safe can be a simple, fast, process when using GTech Clean and the GTech line of products. It can even be something that the whole family gets involved with, which you can read about here. 


What happens when you leave your home to travel for work or for vacation, though? In many areas SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) related restrictions are dropping to new tiers of safety and, in a way, the world is “starting to open up again”. This doesn’t mean that the threat of potentially fatal viruses and bacteria is completely gone. It should mean the beginning of a new way of thinking about maintaining high levels of protection against pathogens, viruses, and bacteria wherever you go. Especially if you are traveling. 

The risk for exposure to viruses and bacteria becomes greater outside of the home because of the numerous high frequency community touch points that people encounter. In the home there are going to be high frequency touch points like door handles, furniture, and countertops but as you travel further away from your home the wider exposure to communities of other people means greater risk of exposure. If you aren’t taking measures to keep yourself protected from viruses and bacteria while traveling, it is something that you should consider to be a high priority. For your safety in terms of exposure to dangerous pathogens and ultimately for the safety of your friends and family.

 It’s not difficult to maintain a high level of protection against viruses and bacteria while traveling. It just takes a little forward thinking and planning. The Gtech line of products, like GTech Clean, GTech Armour, and our ULV disinfectant foggers and disinfectant sprayers can help make this easy and turn your plans into action that protects you and your family from viruses and bacteria. 

Day trips and public transportation


disinfectant for public transportation


Getting out of the house for the day to spend time with family or friends sightseeing or enjoying  popular locations nearby doesn’t mean that you have to take risks with exposure to dangerous pathogens. Using GTech Clean on your clothes, belongings, and face covering or mask before you go out for the day is the best way to make sure you stay safe from bacteria and viruses like SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). GTech Clean is easy to apply and because it has no bleach, no alcohol and no VoC’s it’s safe to use on clothes. GTech clean kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on contact, including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and it leaves a microscopic barrier of protection on all surfaces it is applied to. This microscopic barrier of protection continues to kill viruses and bacteria for up to seven days. 

best disinfectant spray to kill COVID-19

GTech Clean can be sprayed directly onto clothing to make your clothing safe from viruses and bacteria. This is especially important if you are going to a popular public place for the day, like a park where kids will be playing and coming into contact with a large number of high frequency community touch points. GTech Clean adds extra protection to clothing and, even though it’s not formulated specifically for skin, it’s completely safe if it comes into contact with skin. Think about the level of protection this will give you if you are taking a subway or shuttle bus to your day trip destination. Even with some capacity restrictions still in place in many areas, the number of potentially contaminated surfaces that you and your family will come into contact with while on public transportation is far greater than if you are in you own home.


best hand sanitizer


GTech Clean will give you long lasting protection against 99.9% of viruses and bacteria but if you know you will be coming into direct contact with high frequency community touchpoints, make sure you are carrying GTech Armour with you. GTech Armour is the best hand sanitizer. GTech Armour kills 99.9% of germs on contact and leaves a microscopic layer of protection on skin that continues to kill germs for hours. The best part about GTech Armour is that it is specially formulated for frequent use. GTech Armour is made with skin moisturizers so it won’t dry or crack your skin like alcohol based hand sanitizers. GTech Armour comes in several easy to carry sizes so make sure you are putting a bottle in your purse, backpack, or glove compartment if you are going out for a day of fun.

Road trips

Getting out of town and hitting the road to spend a few days enjoying yourself, relaxing, or even for heading out of town for business, doesn’t mean you have to put yourself at risk of exposure to harmful viruses and bacteria. Prior to heading out on your trip, do a little research about where you will be stopping along the way, what the pandemic restriction levels are like along the way and at your destination, and even how populous or busy your location is going to be. Going to a popular city as opposed to going out camping is going to mean different levels of potential exposure to people and to high frequency community touch points. 

best disinfectant spray for vehicles

When you are getting ready to head out on your trip, make sure that you completely disinfect your vehicle with GTech Clean. It’s easy to do because GTech Clean, when applied with a disinfectant sprayer or fogger, can disinfect just about any vehicle in just a few minutes. GTech Clean comes ready to use, and requires no dilution. You just spray it on, let it dry, and you’ve got protection from 99.9% of viruses and bacteria including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). While you are on your road trip, think of your car as your “home base” for disinfection and protection. When you are traveling in your car it will really be the only space that you can completely control in terms of disinfection and protection from viruses and bacteria. GTech Clean is the best disinfectant spray because of the long lasting protection it provides. GTech Clean is trusted by first responders like police officers, firefighters, and EMT’s because of this level of protection. 

disinfectant for first responders

For added protection while you are out on your road trip, make sure that you’ve got GTech Armour inside your car and in your bags or purse. GTech Armour is really the best hand sanitizer because it’s special blend of moisturizes actually heals your skin and promotes healthy skin. Pathogens can actually enter your body through the small cracks that alcohol based hand sanitizers create by drying skin out with heavy use. Keeping your “home base” vehicle protected by using GTech Armour is the best way to stay safe from viruses and bacteria while traveling on a road trip.

Planes and trains


best disinfectant for traveling


Getting on a flight out of town or taking the train out of town doesn’t have to be dangerous in terms of exposure to viruses and bacteria transmitted by other people or by way of high frequency community touch points. Make sure to disinfect your clothes, and all of your luggage with GTech Clean before you set out on your trip. If you apply GTech Clean to your clothing and luggage before you head out, you can be sure that GTech Clean will kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on contact and that it will leave a microscopic layer of protection on any surface. That microscopic barrier of protection will continue to kill viruses and bacteria for up to seven days. When you are separated from your luggage and take your seat, the clothes you are wearing will be protected, and you will have peace of mind that your luggage is still being protected by GTech Clean as it is being processed and loaded into the plane or train.

disinfectant for traveling

When you take your seat, make sure that you use GTech Clean or GTech Armour to disinfect all of the surfaces you are coming into contact with. GTech Clean is disinfectant spray trusted by medical professionals like doctors and dentists to keep their offices, exam rooms, equipment, etc. safe from viruses and bacteria. On a plane or train you are going to be in direct, close contact with hight frequency community touch points like the arm rests, the tray tables, attendant call buttons, fan buttons, window shades, etc. All of these surfaces should be disinfected with the best disinfectant spray, GTech Clean. 

disinfectant for a plane

Check with the airline regarding what size containers are allowed on flights before you go. GTech Clean comes ready to use in a spray bottle, disinfectant fogger, or disinfectant sprayer. You can put GTech Clean into any sized container that you want, and that will be allowed on your flight or train because it requires no dilution and is super simple to use. GTech Armour is also a great way to disinfect any high frequency community touch points. Even though GTech Armour is the best hand sanitizer because it is specially formulated for skin and kills 99.99% of germs, it makes a great surface disinfectant as well. Alcohol based hand sanitizers and wipes will stop killing germs once they are dry. GTech Armour and GTech Clean are specially formulated to continue to kill viruses and bacteria even after they are dry. Disinfect your seat and the area around you with GTech Armour and GTech Clean and you will have total disinfection and complete, long lasting, protection against viruses and bacteria while you travel.


best hand sanitizer for traveling



If you are staying at a hotel while you are traveling, make sure to check with them regarding what their disinfection procedures are like in the common areas of the hotel as well as in the individual rooms. To make sure that you have the best disinfectant spray and the best protection against viruses and bacteria, make sure to bring GTech Clean and GTech Armour with you. When you get to your hotel, you can disinfect any hard or soft surface in your hotel room with GTech Clean. Even if your hotel has thorough procedures for disinfecting and sanitizing rooms, your going to want to have some extra protection against viruses and bacteria on things like the television remote, the phone in your room, desktops, lamps, light fixtures, bathroom fixtures, etc. 


best way to disinfect a hotel room


GTech Clean is the best disinfectant spray to have with you when traveling. Make sure you are carrying GTech Armour as well. GTech Clean is the best hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant to carry with you because it actually heals and protects skin, and it provides long lasting protection unlike alcohol based hand sanitizers. 

best hand sanitizer for everyday use

GTech Line of products.


best disinfectant and disinfectant spray for traveling


Wherever your travel is going to take you, and for whatever reason you are going, make sure you and the people who are most important to you stay protected against viruses and bacteria. Check out the full line of GTech products here before your next trip. Order the best disinfectant spray, the best hand sanitizer, and the best in disinfectant sprayers and disinfectant foggers from GTech today! Use the coupon code GTECH VIP at checkout and get an extra 5% off of your entire order. 


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