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Establishing easy cleaning and disinfecting routines for home and work.

Establishing easy cleaning and disinfecting routines for home and work.

Keeping your home, office, business, and vehicle disinfected and protected against viruses and bacteria has taken on a new level of urgency and importance in 2020. Aside from keeping your hands sanitized, your face covered, and maintaining social distance from others, there’s really nothing more important than disinfecting and protecting the spaces you, and the people most important to you, live, work and spend time in.  

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In order to protect yourself, your family, your customers, coworkers, staff, etc. from the spread of communicable disease like COVID-19 the best approach is to establish regular cleaning and disinfecting protocols that become second nature, more like a habit than a chore. For this type of adaptation to take place the disinfecting and cleaning protocols have got to be simple. Ultimately that means not being too complicated or taking too much time. This really boils down to effective operations systems for your home or business and having the power to establish this systems without relying on outside services (like outside cleaning services) gives you the most control over your operations. You establish the protocols for cleaning and disinfecting when you want, where you want, and how you want. 

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If you are a business owner you don’t want complicated procedures for cleaning and disinfecting that take up the time your employees should be spending on handling customers, or doing their best to perform their other primary responsibilities. If you have a designated cleaning team, it’s even more important that they aren’t spending more time than necessary with complicated disinfecting tasks and procedures. At home, developing cleaning and disinfecting procedures can involve the whole family and become a team effort. This gives you the best chance for consistent disinfecting and protecting to become second nature to everyone on the team.

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The GTech line of products puts the power to disinfect and protect your home, office, business, etc in your hands. Our all natural disinfectant spray and and hand and body sanitizer kill pathogens and germs and leave a microscopic barrier of protection on surfaces or skin that continues to disinfect and protect after the initial application.

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Most GTech products can be purchased in bulk. Having bulk disinfectant or bulk sanitizer on hand gives you a stockpile and a sort of operations center to work from so that your family members or staff/coworkers won’t be left without the supplies they need to continue with your procedures on a regular basis. Another advantage of bulk disinfectant spray or bulk sanitizer like GTech Clean and GTech Armour is that you can use the larger sized containers, like the GTech Clean five gallon container, to fill smaller spraying devices and maintain constant disinfection and protection. Our products make it easy to breakdown disinfecting and protecting routines and procedures into two basic categories; regular disinfecting of high-frequency community touch-points, and deep disinfection. 

High-Frequency Community Touch-Points

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When we talk about high-frequency community touch-points we are talking about all of the areas, items, buttons, handles, cell phones, face coverings, etc. that people touch on a consistent basis without really thinking twice about it. These sorts of touch-points are everywhere and, really, everyone in your home or office should be developing some sensitivity or awareness about how frequently they are actually touching surfaces and items like this. Regardless the responsibility to keep these items and surfaces disinfected falls on everyone in a home or business. GTech Clean and GTech Armour make it simple to keep high-frequency community-touch points disinfected and protected. In an office or work environment, keep a bottle of GTech Clean in an easily accessible area and disinfect high-frequency community touch-points regularly. Depending on the type of work environment you are dealing with, the regularity of disinfection is going to change. For example at a gym or martial arts school like a Krav Maga Worldwide training center where many people are coming and going and being very active, all equipment that is used and high-frequency community touch points should be disinfected before and after each use. In a retail environment where the flow of customers varies, it could be a couple of times per each employee shift, ie every employee has to maintain this practice at the start of their shift and the end of their shift. 

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This may sound like a lot of responsibility and work, and it may sound like it would require a lot of cleaning supplies…and if you’re relying on things like disinfecting wipes, you will be running through a lot of resources. GTech Clean has an advantage over disinfecting wipes however. With GTech Clean, disinfecting high-frequency community touch points is as easy as spray, spread, and let dry. You spray the surface, move the product around to cover the surface, let it dry and it’s done. GTech Clean kills pathogens on contact and will remain on the surface to continue to disinfect and protect. 

 Using a disinfecting wipe in this case is actually less effective because the wipe will cover less area than the GTech Clean disinfectant spray, will lose effectiveness as it is used, and will even lose effectiveness if it’s not properly stored. We’ve all reached into a tube or container of wipes to find that several of the topmost wipes are dried up and unusable. That’s a real waste of money. With GTech Clean the idea is to cover the surface with disinfectant spray, not to wipe the surface down to the point that there is no more disinfectant remaining. Think about it, most wipes contain an alcohol based disinfectant that is drying up as soon as it hits the air. GTech Clean is specially formulated to last. 

family cleaning with disinfectant for the home can be a team effort and fun with bulk disinfectant spray

At home, the same basic principles should be applied. Everyone in the home should be responsible for disinfecting the surfaces and areas they use the most once or twice per day. One idea would be to map out your home and assign each family member an area to disinfect two times each day. Once in the morning and once at night, let’s say. The long lasting disinfecting power of GTech Clean makes this easy, just as in an office or work environment. Spray, spread, let dry, done. Having GTech Clean in bulk, and maintaining a supply of bulk disinfectant or bulk sanitizer will ensure that no family member is without the supplies they need to disinfect their area of the home. Involving your kids in these procedures is a great way to bond, to build the idea of teamwork and responsibility, etc. 

Basically, when it comes to high-frequency community touch-points, the key is consistency and you have to take into account just how high the frequency of touch is per each touch-point. Door handles for example are probably going to require more consistent attention than say, a television screen. Here’s a look at important high-frequency community touch points to consider for daily disinfection and protection routines in both the home and office.

Deep disinfection

In addition to regular disinfection of high-frequency community touch-points GTech Protection recommends a thorough disinfection of rooms and spaces (not just surfaces) like offices, training rooms, retail sales floors, vehicle interiors, etc. twice a week. Transmission of communicable diseases doesn’t just happen on touch-points so keeping rooms, spaces and your overall environment consistently disinfected is just as important. GTech Protection recommends the use of a disinfectant fogger or sprayer for this type of deep disinfection. You can check out our previous blog all about disinfectant foggers and sprayers here. 

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The nuPower Compact Trigger Control Sprayer has proven to be the most effective ULV sprayer for use with GTech Clean disinfectant spray and for deep disinfecting of spaces. With the nuPower Compact Trigger Control Sprayer you can disinfect a 1000 sq foot room in minutes, the interior of a vehicle in less than that!

 Again, the process is simple and the device is easy to use. Fill the sprayer reservoir with GTech Clean (having a supply of bulk disinfectant spray is key here), spray the room starting in one corner and working your way out so that the disinfectant spray is applied in a think coating on all surfaces, let dry, and you’re done. We encourage people to use protective goggles and a face covering when working with the sprayer however GTech Clean is completely safe if it comes in contact with skin. 

disinfectant sprayer and disinfectant fogger being used with bulk disinfectant spray in a retail location

Using the sprayer in your home or business to perform a deep disinfection twice a week is simple, fast, and powerful. This is the same sort of of disinfecting power that is available from outside cleaning services but you are in control of when, where, and how often you disinfect your spaces. You can also use GTech Clean with mops or, if you’ve purchased GTech Clean as bulk disinfectant or bulk sanitizer like in our 5 gallon container, you can fill any spray bottle or device that you want to use. GTech Clean comes ready-to-use. No dilution required. This makes it super easy for you or your staff. There’s no time or money wasted on complicated diluting procedures. 

Check out this video of recommended cleaning procedures for a Krav Maga Worldwide training center. The procedures and techniques are easily applied to any room, large space, or vehicle interior. 

Make sure to check out more videos here to see how GTech Clean is used for deep disinfecting of spaces and vehicles in various industries.

Basically when it comes to establishing regular disinfection and protection routines you want a two pronged attack with the best supplies possible. Consistent disinfection of high-frequency community touch-points on a daily basis and twice weekly deep disinfection of rooms, spaces, vehicle interiors, etc. GTech Clean disinfectant spray give you the best chance to create and establish these routines and procedures.

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Keep in mind that GTech Clean kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19, on contact. GTech Clean is all natural. It contains no alcohol, no bleach, no VOC’s and is available for purchase in bulk. GTech Clean is formulated to leave a long-lasting microscopic barrier of protection that continues to disinfect long after the initial application.

hand and body sanitizer that kills germs and is good for your skin because it's made with no alcohol and contains moisturizers

For skin and body, there’s nothing better than GTech Armour…and though we didn’t really discuss GTech Armour too much in this blog, it kills 99.99% of germs on contact, contains no alcohol so it won’t dry or crack your skin with frequent use. In fact GTech Armour is formulated with moisturizers that help your skin…and it keeps skin protected against germs for hours after the initial application. Even better, GTech Armour can be used as a surface disinfectant while you’re on the go….If you’re not certain that a high-frequency community touch-point you encounter has been disinfected, you can use GTech Armour on it and know that you are protected. 


All of the GTech products mentioned here, including the nuPower Compact Trigger Control Sprayer can be found, ready to order, today by clicking here!


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