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Establishing easy cleaning and disinfecting routines for home and work.

Establishing easy cleaning and disinfecting routines for home and work.
In order to protect yourself, your family, your customers, coworkers, staff, etc. from the spread of communicable disease like COVID-19 the best approach is to establish regular cleaning and disinfecting protocols that become second nature, more like a habit than a chore.

Don't waste time or energy diluting from concentrate!

Don't waste time or energy diluting from concentrate!

Diluting concentrated disinfectants can be time consuming and complicated.

ready-to-use disinfectant is easier than diluting

Concentrated disinfectants come with Federal warning labels and with instructions on how to properly dilute and use them but not following the instructions completely can lead to reduced effectiveness of the disinfectant. In an effort to save time, and probably money, there is a tendency to kind of "eyeball" the dilution process or do it by feel. Precise measuring and diluting takes time and energy.

no diluting required ready to use bulk disinfectant

Not to mention that keeping concentrated disinfecting products and chemicals around in the home or in a business can also be potentially dangerous if they aren't stored correctly or securely.

ready-to-use bulk disinfectant requires no dilution no dangerous chemicals

Using the GTech line of products eliminates all of these hassles and potential dangers. GTech Clean and GTech Armour come ready to use. There's no dilution required. No complicated formulas or directions to follow. Our eco-friendly line of products contain no bleach, no alcohol, and no VOC's. The disinfecting power of GTech Clean is available in a 5 gallon container that can be the source of all of your cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

five gallon bulk disinfectant ready to use no dilution required no dangerous chemicals

If you’ve got 5 gallons of GTech Clean for your home or business you’ve got 5 gallons of ready-to-use disinfecting power that can easily keep rooms, vehicles, equipment, and any high-frequency community touch-points safe from viruses and bacteria.

The GTech Clean 5 gallon container can power all the disinfecting protocols for your home or business. Use it in your own spray bottles, refill GTech Clean 16oz size bottles, or use it in our recommended nuPower Compact Trigger Control Sprayer (which can disinfect at 1000sq foot room in just minutes, BTW!)

GTech Clean kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and leaves a microscopic barrier of disinfecting protection that lasts for up to 5 days! There’s no complicated or time consuming dilution process required and it’s safe to use on any hard or soft surface.

GTech Clean is EPA Approved to kill COVID-19

GTech Clean is EPA Approved to kill COVID-19


GTech Clean is part of the GTech line of products and it is EPA approved to kill  SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) not just human coronaviruses. There's a difference. 

GTech Clean is EPA Approved to Kill COVID-19


Coronaviruses are a group of viruses that were originally discovered in chickens in the 1930’s and in humans in the 1960’s. The name "coronavirus" was given by the doctors who discovered the disease because of the distinctive shape of the virus molecules visible when using an electron microscope.

corona virus molecule

Coronavirus molecules have characteristic protein particles that form what is almost like a ring, halo, or crown (aka 'corona') around the virus particle. These projections are seen when the virus is outside of a "host" cell. In other words when you see images of this spiky looking crown around a cell, you are seeing the infective form of coronavirus, ready to attack and deliver its RNA to a host cell and begin multiplying like crazy to cause infection. Coronaviruses cause different types of infections in different species. Coronaviruses can have one effect in, say a chicken or duck, and another effect in pigs and horses. In humans coronaviruses are mainly known to cause respiratory tract infections that vary in severity. In some cases symptoms are similar to a cold or flu. However human coronaviruses can cause or develop into lethal diseases like COVID-19 or SARS. 

The really scary thing about coronaviruses, and especially COVID-19 there simply aren't ways to prevent human coronavirus infections. That is to say, we can't inoculate against them the way we can with other viruses. There are no vaccines or antiviral drugs that will make us immune. Doctors and hospitals can help manage symptoms but cannot prevent transmission.

There have been many examples of coronavirus throughout history and, according to wikipedia, their origin seems to be linked to bats and birds. 

coronaviruses throughout history seem to have a link to bats and birds

At the end of the day coronaviruses are not unique to our era. They have been around for centuries, really. However we are now dealing with the complex effect of how viruses in general are capable of changing and mutating into lethal strains that our immune system cannot stop from infecting us if we are exposed. It's clear that the entire world has changed the way it looks at cleaning, disinfecting, and protecting against the spread of viruses. Everyone is adopting new routines and new habits for keeping themselves protected against exposure. The GTech line of products is a perfect fit for this new outlook on disinfection and protection because our products put the power to protect your home, car, or business, in your hands. 

gtech clean is EPA approved to kill COVID-19


It’s possible that the disinfectant you are using kills coronaviruses but maybe not the most infamous human coronavirus, COVID-19. GTech Clean, on the other hand, is approved by the EPA to kill SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). It leaves a microscopic barrier of protection on surfaces that continues to disinfect and protect against 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19.

Gtech Clean comes ready-to-use. There’s no complicated dilution process required. The power to disinfect and protect your home, your car, your business, and to eliminate COVID-19 from high-frequency community touch-points is yours when you apply GTech Clean.

The GTech line of products was started by two parents who wanted better and safer protection from germs for their children. Our products are formulated and designed to keep the people who matter the most to you safe. There’s nothing more important right now in our day-to-day lives than staying protected against COVID-19. 


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