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Staying Safe From Viruses And Bacteria While On The Go

Staying Safe From Viruses And Bacteria While On The Go
GTech Clean is really the best disinfectant spray to use on personal belongings once or twice a week. It is EPA approved, all natural, and kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) with no alcohol, no bleach, and no VoC’s. It won’t damage any surface that it is sprayed on and it will continue to kill viruses and bacteria for up to seven days.

5 important things to look for when choosing disinfecting products

5 important things to look for when choosing disinfecting products

GTech Clean and GTech Armour are incredibly simple to use. GTech Clean and GTech Armour come ready to use in a variety of sizes. There is NO DILUTION REQUIRED with the GTech line of powerful disinfecting products. Getting the most effective, long-lasting, safe, disinfecting and protecting power is as easy as spraying on GTech Clean or GTech Armour and letting the products dry.

How to disinfect your vehicle.

How to disinfect your vehicle.

Disinfect your car regularly with GTech Clean and keep GTech Armour in your car for added protection and surface disinfecting on the go.

 disinfect your car. how to disinfect and protect your car with GTech Products

It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the general awareness of everyday disinfecting and protecting to an almost unprecedented high level. Everywhere people go there is hand sanitizer readily available, social distancing is enforced, face coverings are being used, and other safety measures are in practice. Most, if not all, businesses and private practices like dentists and doctors offices, have reevaluated and revamped their cleaning and disinfecting protocols. Disinfecting and cleaning in the home has also become a priority for every family. 

One area of everyday life where regular cleaning and disinfecting may be getting overlooked however is vehicles. Regular cleaning and disinfecting of your vehicle is just as important as regular cleaning and disinfecting of your home or business, especially when it comes to killing viruses and bacteria, and keeping the vehicle protected for an extended period of time. If you haven’t already established regular cleaning and disinfecting protocols for your vehicle, now is the time. If you live in an area where you take public transportation, you should have your own personal protocols for keeping yourself protected while riding.

How to disinfect your vehicle. Make sure you disinfect your car with GTech and keep our products on hand for things like trips to the grocery store.

Think about the course of one regular day in your life and, if you have a car, how often you get in and out of your vehicle and how many surfaces you touch during and in-between those trips. Even something like going to the grocery store is going to put you in contact with other people and myriad other surfaces, including the products that you touch in the store, before you get back into your car. If you are using alcohol based hand sanitizers while you are out and about, that’s great, however when alcohol based hand sanitizers dry on your skin, the protection has stopped working. You have to sanitize your hands numerous times to make sure that you are staying protected. 

If you sanitize your hands as you leave the store, and the sanitizer dries, and then you touch the door handle of your vehicle, you run the risk of contaminating your hands again…and then touching the interior surfaces of your vehicle with contaminated hands. Think about the same thing if you loading bags into your vehicle. To ensure that you are protected from viruses and bacteria you have to load your vehicle, sanitize your hands after touching the bags, then open your door, and sanitize your hands again to make sure you aren’t bringing pathogens into your vehicle. 

Think about doing something like going to the gas station with your vehicle. You are going to have to touch surfaces that are, without a doubt, considered high-frequency community touch points and you have to be taking steps in-between making contact with those surfaces and your vehicle to make certain that you aren’t carrying pathogens inside the vehicle. 

It’s a lot to think about especially considering the extensive dangers and risks of COVID-19, which is really on the forefront of everyone’s mind when it comes to disinfecting and protecting against viruses and bacteria in general. With a little planning and some regular disinfecting protocols of your vehicle you can skip some of the stress and guesswork. GTech Products make this easy.

Disinfect your car with GTech Clean. 

GTech Products were initially used to disinfect the vehicles, equipment, and operations centers used by First Responders like police officers, EMT’s, and firefighters. One of the huge benefits of GTech Clean disinfectant spray is that, when used with a ULV fogger like the NuPower Trigger Control Sprayer, you can disinfect a vehicle in a very short period of time. For First Responders this is incredibly important because, not only are they getting in and out of their vehicles and making contact with potentially contaminated surfaces, they are frequently bringing other people into their vehicles. It’s difficult enough to keep up with your own personal disinfecting routine, and bringing an unknown person into a vehicle which you then have to continue to use over the course of hours and hours is an incredibly high risk. Check out this video demonstration. We disinfect a police patrol car and an ambulance in just a few minutes with GTech Clean and the NuPower Trigger Control Sprayer

First Responders trust GTech Clean because it disinfects their vehicles fast when used with the ULV fogger by killing 99.99% of viruses and bacteria (including COVID-19) on contact, and it leaves a microscopic barrier of protection that lasts for up to five days. Law enforcement agencies, EMT’s, and firefighters developed protocols for fully disinfecting their vehicles with GTech Clean twice a week…and you can, too. We call this a “deep disinfecting” using the ULV fogger. GTech Clean is safe to use on any hard or soft surface in your vehicle so treating the while interior is simple and fast. Disinfect the seats, seatbelts, dashboard, shifter, kids car seats, in minutes. Spray GTech Clean on, let it dry, and it’s done. 

How to disinfect your car. Make sure to disinfect door handles when disinfecting your car.

Considering that your vehicle is not going to be as high risk as a first responders vehicle we recommend a full disinfecting with GTech Clean once a week. We also recommend keeping a bottle of GTech Clean in your car for maintaining disinfecting on high-frequency touch points like the steering wheel, radio, and both the interior and exterior door handles. Make sure you are disinfecting under and around the door handles because those are the surfaces your hands frequently make contact with when pulling the handle or even just pushing the door open and pulling it closed. 

disinfect your car with gtech clean and gtech armour especially if you drive for uber or lyft

If you drive for a ride share company like Uber or Lyft, it's especially important to make sure you are maintaining regular disinfecting protocols GTech Clean makes that easy. Using Gtech clean to disinfect and protect your car means that you are protecting your passengers from transferring pathogens to one another over the course of a shift and it also means that you are giving yourself the best protection from viruses and bacteria. Use GTech Clean and do a deep disinfecting at least twice a week to make sure you are maintaining a microscopic barrier of protection against viruses and bacteria on all of the surfaces on the interior and exterior of your vehicle. 

Keep GTech Armour in your car.

How to disinfect your car. Eliminate germs and protect your skin with GTech Amour.

As we mentioned before alcohol-based hand sanitizers are effective up until the moment the alcohol dries. Once that happens the disinfecting power is gone. What’s more, the alcohol in those alcohol-based hand sanitizers is probably doing your skin more harm than good with frequent use. Alcohol dries and chaps your skin creating little cracks through which viruses and bacteria can get into your system. GTech Armour on the other hand, contains no alcohol and it is actually formulated with skin softeners to help keep your skin intact. More than all of that however is the fact that, like GTech Clean, GTech Armour kills 99.9% of all germs on contact and it leaves a barrier of protection on your skin that lasts for hours. Your skin stays protected with GTech Armour. The protection doesn’t fade like with alcohol-based hand sanitizers. GTech Armour also smells great! Sincerely. The skin moisturizers and scent of GTech Armour combined with it’s germ killing strength and long-lasting protection make it superior to any alcohol-based hand sanitizer. 

If you think about the trip to the grocery store from earlier, using GTech Armour before you get out of your vehicle will give you a long-lasting barrier of protection that is beneficial to your skin, and will prevent you from having to apply and reapply hand sanitizer that is ultimately damaging your skin and making your more vulnerable.

How to disinfect your car. Make sure to have GTech Armour in your car so you can disinfect and protect against viruses and bacteria at the gas station.

GTech Armour is also ideal for use as a surface disinfectant on the go. Take your GTech Armour with you to make sure you have protection against any pathogens that may be on high-frequency community touch-points. Think about the trip to the gas station we discussed earlier. If you use GTech Armour on your hands before you get out of the car you will be protected however if you just don’t want to touch that gas pump, keypad, or gas station doorhandles without knowing they are clean, you can use GTech Armour on them before you touch them. 

If you are disinfecting the interior of your car regularly with GTech Clean and using GTech Armour as your go-to hand sanitizer and on the go surface disinfectant you are going to have the best protection against viruses and bacteria for your vehicle.

Protect yourself on public transportation.

How to disinfect your car. Keep yourself protected from viruses and bacteria on public transportation.

If you frequently use public transportation we recommend that you basically create the strongest personal barrier of protection for yourself using GTech products. 

Use GTech Clean on your clothes and face covering before you go out. The long-lasting disinfecting power of GTech Clean can be applied to any hard or soft surface, and that includes clothing. If you spray your clothing and personal times with a layer of GTech Clean before you go out on your commute, you’ll have protection against 99.99% of viruses and bacteria including COVID-19 for the entire day. 

Carry GTech Armour with for use as hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant for seats, buttons, turnstiles, hand rails, door handles, counters, and other high-frequency community touch-points you may encounter on your commute. We also suggest using GTech Armour to disinfect personal items like your keys and mobile phone, which you are frequently using throughout the day. 

Ultimately you have no control of how often public transportation vehicles are sanitized and disinfected so take the steps needed to provide for your own protection. Build and reinforce your own disinfecting barrier with Gtech products. 

Keep your vehicles disinfected and protected and eliminate the guess work by using GTech Clean and GTech Armour. 

How to disinfect your car. Keep yourself protected with the entire line of GTech disinfecting and sanitizing products.






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