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Useful accessories for maintaining disinfection.

Useful accessories for maintaining disinfection.

gtech clean is the best disinfectant sprayGTech Clean and GTech Armour offer the best in disinfecting power and long lasting protection against pathogens and germs. There’s no doubt that maintaining a level of protection against viruses and bacteria has become an everyday part of life. The changes we’ve seen and adapted to are going to remain a part of our lives and routines for the foreseeable future and having a well thought out plan and routine for maintaining disinfection is essential. In the home, especially one protected by GTech Clean and GTech Armour, we are all used to a certain level of protection and comfort. In public we’re also used to wearing face coverings and masks and protecting ourselves with disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer. We’ve come across a few accessories that make the maintenance of a high level of disinfection easy, convenient, and even somewhat fun and creative. Here’s a look at some “must-have” accessories for your home and for you out-and-about preparations.

Disinfectant FoggerDisinfectant fogger

A disinfectant fogger isn’t just for use by expensive cleaning company. A disinfectant fogger or sprayer really, is a must have for fast, effective disinfecting of your home, vehicle, business, or office. GTech Protection has several great ULV Foggers to choose from. When you use GTech Clean and a ULV Fogger like the NuPower Compact Trigger Sprayer you can disinfect a 1000sq foot room in minutes. GTech Clean’s special formula is safe to use on any surface. GTech Clean is all natural, it contains no alcohol or VoC’s, and it won’t cause irritation or reaction you get it on your skin. GTech Clean kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on contact, including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and leaves a layer of protection that continues to kill viruses and bacteria for up to 7 days!

Using GTech Clean and a ULV Fogger isn’t only fast but it’s incredibly simple. GTech Clean requires no dilution and it comes ready to use. You just spray GTech Clean on, let it dry, and you’re done. ULV Fogger’s like the NuPower Trigger Control Sprayer are also very simple to use and we have some resources and instructional videos you can see here. 

Get a ULV Fogger and a supply of GTech Clean and you’ll have the the power to disinfect and protect yourself and the people most important to you.

Germ Key

germ key

GTech Armour is a skin and body sanitizer that is specially formulated to kill 99.99% of germs on contact and, like GTech Clean it leaves a layer of protection that keeps on killing germs for hours. GTech Clean also has skin moisturizers that won’t dry or crack your skin with frequent use like alcohol based sanitizers do. Using Gtech Clean as your go-to hand sanitizer is the best way to make sure you stay disinfected and protected against pathogens. You get healthier skin and long lasting protection…but sometimes when you are out and on the go, there are surfaces and high-frequency community touch points that you just don’t want to make contact with. 

That’s where a handy gadget like a “germ key” can help. A germ key is a metal tool that is designed to push, pull, twist, and grab things that you don’t want to make contact with. It’s like a Swiss Army knife that is specially designed so you don’t have to touch stuff. 

There are several different brands of germ keys, and some of them have other little features like serrated edges for cutting or a bottle opener, etc. A germ key is a very useful tool for maintaining disinfection and protection against germs and pathogens because it does the work your hands do. You can check out some germ keys here. Don’t forget that you’ll need to disinfect your germ key after using it…using either GTech Clean or GTech Armour as the surface disinfectant for your germ key is a great idea!

Reusable gloves with built in grip

reusable gloves with grip

The long-lasting protection of GTech Armour will keep killing germs for hours after application but some people also like to use gloves while they are in public. Disposable gloves are certainly an option however reusable gloves are a great option, especially if gyms are open near you, or you have to be working with your hands or, again, making a lot of contact with high frequency community touch points. Having a pair of gloves with a built in gripping surface is a big benefit and can actually make your work, or working out a lot safer. Many people are working out in public spaces like parks, or outdoor training facilities and the grip on reusable gloves is a valuable addition. 

Maintaining the disinfection level of your gloves is especially easy with GTech Clean and GTech Armour. Since GTech Clean is safe to use on any surface you can apply it to your gloves to disinfect them before, during, or after use. GTech Armour is also a great surface disinfect for reusable gloves and with applications before, during, and after using your gloves, they’ll stay safe from germs. Just remember that if you ARE wearing gloves that are not protected by a long-lasting surface disinfectant like GTech Clean or GTech Armour, you’ve got to be very careful about making contact with a surface and then touching your own face, your mask, etc. 

Customizable Facemasks

customizable face masks

We recently did a blog about masks and face coverings that you can check out here. There’s a wide variety out there and it’s important to know what the pros and cons of each are. For people who like to make a fashion statement with their mask or face covering there’s also a variety of companies that will let you design your own mask on their site, or upload a design of your own for printing on a mask. It’s pretty cool, especially if you have kids who want to look like Iron Man or The Mandalorian while wearing their mask in public.

The disinfecting and protecting power of GTech Clean and GTech Armour is also the perfect way to add extra protection to your mask or face covering. Apply GTech Clean or GTech Armour to your mask or face covering and you’ve got added protection against pathogens, and germs that you might encounter while you are in public. 

Mask Chain

mask chain

A mask chain attaches to your mask and keeps it in place around your neck. It helps prevent you from misplacing your mask. The mask chain is also useful because if you are using a mask chain you won't be taking your mask off and putting it down on various surfaces so it can help limit the number of high frequency community touch points that your mask makes contact with. It can also be a bit of a fashion statement. It's a good idea to disinfect all of the items that you are making contact with by using GTech Clean and GTech Armour and the mask chain is no different. Make sure your mask chain is disinfected regularly with GTech Clean and GTech Armour so you can maintain the best level of protection against pathogens. 

Face Shields

face shield

Face shields are pretty commonly seen in many public places. Some companies and service oriented business require employees to wear face shields. Wearing a face shield as well as a mask or face covering provides great protection from pathogens that are around you and provides extra protection for people you might come in contact with in terms of stopping aerosol droplets that you are producing. This is especially important if you are going to be in public for a like time for example; traveling on a long flight. Face shields will limit exposure in the airport and on the plane while in flight. 

There are many companies selling face shields. We found a few that you can check out here. It’s easy to get a supply of face shields to keep on hand for whatever needs might come up.

The best protection comes from the GTech line of products

Gtech line of products

At the end of the day these accessories will make maintaining a level of disinfection and protection against viruses and bacteria easier. However if you aren’t establishing that high level of disinfection against pathogens to begin with, having these accessories won’t mean much. There’s no better way to ensure that your family and the people most important to you are protected against pathogens than by using GTech Clean and GTech Armour.


You can check out our recommended GTech Clean cleaning and disinfecting protocols by clicking here. We’ve also got a great resource for getting answers to frequently asked questions that you can find here.


Remember that both GTech Clean and GTech Armour can be an economical solution to your businesses disinfecting and cleaning needs. GTech Clean is the best disinfectant spray for any industry. It’s trusted by First Responders in the field, used by gyms, retail locations, offices, school systems, fleets and more. Training staff and employees on the use of GTech Clean is simple. GTech Armour is a great way to provide an added value to your customers as well as your staff. Having GTech Armour on hand for customers or members to use at your business not only keeps them protected but helps keep your business protected. 


You can check out the entire line of GTech Products by clicking here. 

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