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5 important things to look for when choosing disinfecting products

5 important things to look for when choosing disinfecting products


make disinfecting a priority in the new year

For many people all around the world, the new year is bringing with it the hope and excitement of change. Although 2021 will bring everyone the opportunity to start new routines and lifestyle there is still the looming threat and dangers of COVID-19 and the heightened awareness related to the importance of disinfecting. The COVID-19 vaccine is already starting to make an impact as we fight to recover from the pandemic as a global community but in many places the number of cases is still dangerously high and has yet to see any real improvement. Ultimately our daily lives and routines are probably not going to ever “go back” to “normal” or to being the way they were prior to the pandemic. Going forward into the new year it’s vital to the health of your home and business to have a sustainable disinfecting routine in place. If you don’t have one, the new year is a great time to start one. When considering what type of disinfectant to base your cleaning system on there are several important factors to consider. 

disinfecting power trusted by medical professionals and first responders for your home the best disinfectant


You don’t just want to clean the surfaces in your home, business, automobile, etc., you want to disinfect them. That means killing viruses, bacteria, and pathogens that can make you, your family, customers, etc. sick. Further, you need a quality disinfectant for your hands and body that won’t dry or crack your skin with heavy use. Those little cracks in your skin that come from using alcohol-based hand sanitizers actually make you more susceptible to infection. GTech Clean and GTech Armour have the disinfecting power that you need. GTech Clean is certified by the EPA to kill 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) on contact. It’s an all natural product that contains no alcohol, no ammonia, and no VoC’s. GTech Armour is a hand and body sanitizer that kills 99.99% of germs on contact and it’s specially formulated with skin moisturizers that won’t dry or crack your skin. The GTech line of products was developed around the concept of making families safer from viruses and bacteria. GTech Clean and GTech Armour can be used on any hard or soft surface. The GTech line of products makes it easy for you to have quality disinfectant on which you can base all of you personal and professional disinfecting needs. 

best disinfectant spray easy to use


The GTech line of products really offers the highest standard when it comes to disinfecting however there are other products out there that disinfect as well. The difference is that with the GTech line of products you get disinfecting power that lasts. That means GTech Clean and GTech Armour don’t just disinfect. The protect. Alcohol based disinfectants, ammonia based disinfectants, and other brand named disinfectants, might have the power to disinfect on contact but once those products dry, the surface that has been treated returns to being susceptible to housing viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. GTech Clean kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on contact and leaves a microscopic barrier of protection that lasts for up to 7 days! That means GTech Clean keeps on killing viruses even after it has dried. The surfaces you treat with GTech Clean will not only be disinfected immediately but protected for days to come. Gtech Armour kills 99.99% of germs on your skin immediately upon being applied but it’s special skin-moisturizing formula continues working for hours after it is applied. If you keep GTech Armour in your car and apply it to your hands before entering a store, getting gas, or running other errands, your hands will be protected while you are active. Alcohol based hand sanitizers lose their ability to disinfect once they are dry. GTech Armour is also perfect for use as a surface disinfectant and can add extra, long-lasting, protection to your clothing, your face covering or mask, or used to completely disinfect any high-frequency community touch point you might encounter while you are out. 

best hand sanitizer


As mentioned above, the GTech line of products was developed around the idea of making families safer from viruses and bacteria. The creators of GTech Clean and GTech Armour have children with skin allergies and were finding that many disinfecting products in the home and for use on skin, were causing their children to have allergic reactions. That’s why GTech Clean and GTech Armour are formulated to be completely safe. GTech products are all natural, non flammable, they contain no alcohol, no VoC’s and they are non-flammable. GTech Clean was developed to mainly be a surface disinfectant so it’s safe to use on any hard or soft surface however it is also completely safe if it touches skin. GTech Clean’s disinfecting power is trusted by first responders in the field who need to keep their patrol cars, ambulances, and personal equipment. It’s also used and trusted by schools, fleets, retail businesses, and service related business like dental offices, restaurants, gyms, pilates studios, and yoga studios. The disinfecting power that GTech Clean provides is safe to use in any industry and GTech Clean has earned the trust of people who’s lives depend on disinfection and protection. GTech Armour is the best you can get for disinfecting and protecting your skin. It’s also unique in the level of safety that it’s formula provides as well as its ability to heal skin and promote healthy skin because of the moisturizers in it. Keeping GTech Armour in your home gives your family the best disinfectant for hands and body and, if you are a business owner, offering your customers GTech Armour provides extra, long-lasting, safe to use, protection for your customers, which is also an added value. The GTech line of products is trusted for its disinfecting power, its ability to protect, and equally as important, it is safe to use. 

protect your family and your home against viruses and bacteria


If your disinfecting product or disinfectant spray isn’t easy to use, it’s not going to be an obstacle when it comes to having a regular cleaning process or system for your home or business. Many disinfectant products require a dilution process that can be both complicated and time consuming. The application of these products can also be equally as complicated and time consuming. That’s another huge obstacle if you are looking to establish a cleaning routine that other people, like employees, co-workers, or family members, will need to learn. Luckily GTech Clean and GTech Armour are incredibly simple to use. GTech Clean and GTech Armour come ready to use in a variety of sizes. There is NO DILUTION REQUIRED with the GTech line of powerful disinfecting products. Getting the most effective, long-lasting, safe, disinfecting and protecting power is as easy as spraying on GTech Clean or GTech Armour and letting the products dry. Using GTech Clean disinfectant spray with one of our ULV disinfectant sprayer/disinfectant foggers you can disinfect a 1000sq foot room in minutes. You can use GTech Clean with a ULV disinfectant sprayer or ULV disinfectant fogger you can disinfect a vehicle in seconds. Again, the process is as simple as spraying the product on, and letting it dry. You can check out some recommended cleaning protocols here. GTech Armour is just as simple to use. Spray it on your skin, let it dry, and that’s it. Making the GTech line of products a part of your regular cleaning routines gives you the strongest disinfectant, long-lasting protection, the peace of mind that comes with using a 100% safe product, and it’s incredibly simple to use.


As an added plus, both GTech Clean and GTech Armour not only provide a clean scent that people love, but they work as a long-lasting deodorizer as well. Why not get the 1-2 punch of powerful disinfecting and protecting along with a great deodorizer that will keep your home, business, or automobile smelling great!

 If you’re looking to make disinfecting and protecting your family or business a priority in 2021, start with GTech Clean and GTech Armour. It’s easy to develop a cleaning and disinfecting routine using the GTech line of products and the GTech line of products make these sort of procedures easy to maintain. We recommend using Gtech Clean in your home or business, applied with a ULV disinfectant sprayer or ULV disinfectant fogger twice a week for a level of protection that is unmatched. We also recommend using GTech Clean, applied with a simple spray bottle and cloth, on high frequency community touch points like door handles, railings, buttons, etc throughout the day for additional protection against viruses and bacteria. Carry GTech Armour in your purse, backpack, or in your car to make sure you have the best hand sanitizer. Use GTech Armour on ANY surface that might need disinfecting while you are on the go. It’s perfect for use on elevator buttons, gas station gas pump handles, computers, cell phones, and even your face covering or mask. The best hand sanitizer you can get is GTech Armour.

disinfect your cell phone

 Make sure that whatever products you are using to clean and, more importantly, disinfect with have can give you confidence that you are disinfecting, protecting, using a safe product, using a product that is simple and hassle free, and can deodorize as it fights against viruses and bacteria. Check out the GTech line of products here. 



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